Rotimi Adigun, MD, MPH

Associate Professor | Harlem Campus

Kamilah Ali, PhD

Associate Professor; Course Director for Pharmacology | Harlem Campus

Esquire Anthony, DO

Assistant Clinical Professor; Course Director of Early Clinical Experience | Harlem Campus

Maysa Azzeh, PhD

Associate Professor; Course Director for Microbiology | Harlem Campus

Ramona Baez, MD

Instructor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Harlem Campus

Shilpka Bagh, MBBS, MD

Professor of Biochemistry; Associate Course Director of Biochemistry | Middletown Campus

Mary Banihashem, MSc, D.O. (U.K.)

Associate Professor; Course Director of OMM | Harlem Campus

Judith Binstock, MA, PhD

Professor of Biochemistry; Course Director of Medical Biochemistry and Medical Genetics | Harlem Campus
Alex Braun headshot

Alex Braun, MD

Associate Professor of Histology and General Pathology; Associate Course Director of Histology and General Pathology | Middletown Campus

Joyce Brown, DO, CHSE

Associate Chair, Primary Care | Middletown CampusClinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Associate Course Director, Medical Simulation
Fernando Bruno headshot

Fernando P. Bruno, MD, MPH

Adjunct Associate Professor of Anatomy | Middletown Campus

Denise Burns, DO

Associate Chair, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine; Clinical Professor | Middletown Campus
Jerry Cammarata headshot

Jerry Cammarata, PhD

Chief Operating Officer; Dean of Student Affairs; Associate Professor | Middletown Campus

Barbara Capozzi, DO

Clinical Dean; Associate Professor | Harlem Campus

Bedia Castellanos, MD

Instructor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Harlem Campus
Angela Cavanna headshot

Angela Cavanna, DO, FAOASM

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine; Associate Course Director of Clinical Systems | Middletown Campus

David Colbourne, MD, AEMT-P

Assistant Clinical Professor; Director of Medical Simulation | Harlem Campus

Rachael Connington, MD

Assistant Professor of Pathology; Associate Course Director of Systemic Pathology | Middletown Campus
Nadge Dady headshot

Nadege Dady, EdD

Dean of Student Affairs; Assistant Professor | Harlem Campus

Mary Ellen Dean, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Nephrology | Middletown Campus

Kurt Degenhardt, PhD

Associate Professor; Course Director of Physiology I and II | Harlem Campus

Martin Diamond, DO

Founding Dean/Dean Emeritus; Professor of Family Medicine | Harlem Campus
image of Kathleen DiCaprio

Kathleen DiCaprio, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor | Harlem Campus

Jeremiah DiRuzzo, DC

Instructor of Anatomy | Middletown Campus
Frantz Duffoo headshot

Frantz Duffoo, MD, FACP

Clinical Associate Dean | Middletown Campus

Stacey L. Fanning, PhD

Chair, Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences; Assistant Professor in Immunology | Harlem Campus

Conrad Fischer, MD

Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Pharmacology | Harlem Campus

Jeffery R. Gardere, PhD

Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine; Course Director of Behavioral Medicine and Introduction to Cultural Competence in Healthcare | Harlem Campus

Janet Grotticelli, DO, MBA

Associate Professor; Course Director of Physical Diagnosis | Harlem Campus

Christian Hietanen, DO

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Associate Course Director of Physical Diagnosis | Middletown Campus