Headshot of Conrad Fischer.

Conrad Fischer, MD

Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Pharmacology | Harlem Campus

Jeffery R. Gardere, PhD

Associate Professor of Behavioral Medicine; Course Director of Behavioral Medicine and Introduction to Cultural Competence in Healthcare | Harlem Campus
Andrea Grindeland

Andrea Grindeland, DVM

Assistant Professor of Research and Basic Sciences | Montana Campus

Janet Grotticelli, DO, MBA, MSMed

Associate Professor; Course Director of Physical Diagnosis | Harlem Campus
Teresa Gunn

Teresa Gunn, PhD

Professor of Research and Basic Sciences | Montana Campus
Heather Harvey

Heather Harvey, DrPH

Associate Course Director, Public Health and Preventative Medicine; Associate Professor of Public Health | Montana Campus
Tiffany Hensley-McBain

Tiffany Hensley-McBain, PhD

Associate Course Director, Immunology; Assistant Professor of Research and Immunology; | Montana Campus

Christian Hietanen, DO

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; Associate Course Director of Physical Diagnosis | Middletown Campus
Alex Joanow headshot

Alex Joanow, DO, FACOOG

Director of Clinical Rotations; Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology | Middletown Campus
Stephen Jones headshot

Stephen C. Jones, Ph.D.

Assistant Preclinical Dean; Director, MS Program Middletown; Assistant Professor | Middletown Campus

Vasudeva G. Kamath, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry; Associate Course Director of Medical Genetics | Middletown Campus

Naveen Babu Kandavalli, MS, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor; Course Director of Neuroanatomy | Harlem Campus
Gurjinder Kaur headshot

Gurjinder Kaur, PhD

Assistant Professor of Physiology; Associate Course Director of Physiology II | Middletown Campus

Stephanie Klinesmith, MS

Instructor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Middletown Campus
Mikael Klingeborn

Mikael Klingeborn, PhD

Assistant Professor, Research and Basic Sciences | Montana Campus
Kelly Kohler headshot

Kelly A. Kohler, MSc, EMT-P

Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medical Services | Middletown Campus
Headshot of Piotr Kozlowski smiling.

Piotr B. Kozlowski, MD, PhD, FCAP

Director of Pathologists' Assistant Program; Professor of Pathology | Harlem Campus

Judithe LaBarge, DC

Assistant Professor of Anatomy | Middletown Campus

Bernard Lanter, MD

Director of Clinical Rotations; Professor of Surgery | Harlem Campus

Daniel Lawver, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anatomy | Montana Campus
Moses Leavens

Moses Leavens, PhD

Assistant Professor | Montana Campus

Todd Levi, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor; Course Director for Clinical Systems | Harlem Campus

Macario Llamas, MD, MBA-HCM

Associate Chair, Anatomy Department; Associate Course Director of Neuroanatomy; Associate Professor of Neuroanatomy and Anatomy | Montana Campus
Diane Lund

S. Diane Lund, PhD

Associate Chair of Basic Sciences; Professor of Developmental Biology; | Montana Campus
David Manna

David Manna, PhD

Associate Chair, Basic Biomedical Sciences; Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology; Director of Research Labs | Middletown Campus

Maurizio Miglietta, DO, FACS, FACOS

Clinical Associate Dean; Associate Professor | Harlem Campus

Susan Milani, DO

Chair, Department of OMM ; Associate Professor; Course Director of OMM | Harlem Campus
thomas miller headshot

Thomas Miller, DO, MPH

Associate Chair, Primary Care Department; Clinical Assistant Professor in Primary Care | Montana Campus

Mariluz P. Mojica Henshaw, MD, PhD

Associate Professor in Biochemistry | Harlem Campus

Stephen J. Moorman, PhD

Associate Chair, Department of Anatomy; Professor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Middletown Campus