Stephen J. Moorman, PhD

Associate Chair, Department of Anatomy; Professor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Middletown Campus

Emmanuel Ngu, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology | Middletown Campus

Olalekan Ogunsakin, MD, PhD, MBA, MPH

Assistant Professor; Course Director of General Pathology and of Systemic Pathology I and II | Harlem Campus
Elizabeth Palmarozzi headshot

Elizabeth Palmarozzi, DO, FACOFP

Founding Campus Dean; Professor of Family Medicine | Montana Campus

Nikolaos A. Papanikolaou, PhD

Associate Professor | Harlem Campus
Kartick Pramanik headshot

Kartick Pramanik, PhD, BPharm, MPharm

Assistant Preclinical Dean; Director, MS Program Montana; Associate Professor of Pharmacology | Montana Campus

Arthur Prancan, PhD

Preclinical Dean; Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology | Harlem Campus

Bethany Prater, DO

Assistant Professor; Associate Course Director of OMM | Middletown Campus
Tamie Proscia-Lieto headshot

Tamie Proscia-Lieto, MD, MBA

Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine; Associate Course Director, Early Clinical Experience | Middletown Campus

Carlos Quinteros, MD

Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy | Harlem Campus
Renee Reijo Pera headshot

Renee Reijo Pera, PhD

Dean of Research; Professor | Montana Campus

Sushama Rich, MD

Assistant Professor; Course Director for Clinical Anatomy and Embryology | Harlem Campus
Oana Rosenthal headshot

Oana Rosenthal, MS

Assistant Professor of Anatomy; Associate Course Director of Anatomy and Embryology | Middletown Campus

Sonu Sahini, MD, AE-C

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine | Harlem Campus

Nilank Shah, MD, MS, CFN, CNC

Associate Professor of Physiology; Associate Course Director of Physiology I | Middletown Campus
Douglas Shearer

Douglas Shearer, PhD, MD

Associate Course Director of Histology; Associate Course Director of Pathology; Associate Professor of Pathology | Montana Campus
Adetokunbo Shobaloju headshot

Adetokunbo Shobaloju, MD, MS, MPH

Instructor of Public Health; Associate Course Director of Preventative Medicine and Public Health, Introduction to Cultural Competence in Healthcare and Professionalism and Medical Ethics | Middletown Campus
image of Harold Sirota

Harold K. Sirota, DO, FACOFP

Chair, Department of Primary Care; Clinical Assistant Professor | Harlem Campus

Becky Slater, DO

Associate Course Director, Medical Simulation; Clinical Assistant Professor | Montana Campus
Niket Sonpal

Niket Sonpal, M.D.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine; Course Director of Professionalism and Medical Ethics and Preventive Medicine and Public Health | Harlem Campus
Kenneth Steir

Kenneth Steier, DO, MBA, MPH, MHA, MGH

Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer; Professor of Medicine

Sergio Suarez, DO

Assistant Professor; Associate Course Director of OMM | Middletown Campus

Matsuko Takeshige, DO

Assistant Clinical Professor | Harlem Campus

Nicholas Vanterpool

Anatomy Lab Manager | Harlem Campus

Grace Vasconez-Pereira, DO, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor | Harlem Campus

Luis Vidal, PhD

Chair, Department of Anatomy; Assistant Professor; Course Director of Histology | Harlem Campus

Mikhail Volokitin, MD, DO, FDABIHM

Assistant Professor | Harlem Campus

Daryl Walker

Lab Manager and Diener | Middletown Campus
Tanchun Wang headshot

Tanchun Wang, MB, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology; Associate Course Director of Pharmacology | Middletown Campus
David Yens headshot

David P. Yens, PhD

Director of Research; Associate Professor of Medical Education | Middletown Campus