Ramona Baez, MD

Instructor of Anatomy and NeuroanatomyTouro College of Osteopathic Medicine - Harlem

Dr. Ramona Baez is an Instructor of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. Dr. Baez's responsibilities include teaching Anatomy and Neuroanatomy both as didactic lectures and laboratory sessions. She is a Dominican Republic native. She received her Medical Degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1992. She performed social services in the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces and National Police in Santo Domingo during 1995-1996 earning her Exequatur to practice medicine in the Dominican Republic. She is a member of the Asociacion Medica Dominicana (AMD). Dr. Baez has been part of our faculty since 2012.  She started as an adjunct professor and has since joined our faculty as a full-time member as of 2014.  


  • Baez, R., Castellanos, B. B., & Baker, E. (2020). Unusual bilateral accessory flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle. Clinical Anatomy, 33(2), E66.
  • Velavan, S. S., Castellanos, B., Rich, S., Goldberg, R. B., Quinteros, C., & Baez, R. (2015). Double inferior venacava with anomalous hemiazygos vein – A case report [Supplemental material]. FASEB Journal, 29(1), LB2.
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