Need to register for classes? Questions about your transcripts or records? The TouroCOM Registrar keeps all of your information on file.


You can browse through frequently requested forms and services below, or drop by the office if you need any assistance.


Khemwattie Ramdhanny, M.Ed.

Associate Registrar | Harlem Campus

Kelly Degnan, BS

Student Accounts Representative/Registrar | Middletown Campus

Alaina Ingram

Assistant Registrar; Student Account Representative | Montana Campus


Transcript Request Form

Transfer Credit Policy - See College Catalog

Letter Request Form

Change of SSN Request

SSN Submission Form

Leave of Absence - Withdrawal Form

You can find these forms on the TouroOne portal:

  • Online Academic Records
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Address
  • Add/Drop
  • Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA)
  • Immunizations
  • Meningitis Response
  • Application for Graduation (DO and MS). You can learn about Graduation and Diplomas on the Student Affairs site