Student Services


Thomas J. Buskey

Director of Admissions | Middletown Campus

Shannon McDowell

Director of Admissions | Montana Campus

Taylor Nixon

Admissions Counselor | Harlem Campus

Frank Rose, Jr

Assistant Dean of Students | Middletown Campus

Steven Toplan

Director of Admissions | Harlem Campus


Rhonda Altonen

Library Director | Harlem Campus

Lara Lasner-Frater

Electronic Resources Librarian | Middletown Campus

Lara comes to Touro from the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene where she served as Technical Services Librarian before becoming Library Director. She has a Master’s of Library Science from Queens College and a Masters of Arts in Education from Hofstra University.

Susan Lesser

Evening Librarian | Harlem Campus

Stephanie Osczepinski

Assistant Librarian | Middletown Campus

Belinda Potter

Library Director | Montana Campus

Jennifer Santos

Library Director | Middletown Campus

Student Services

Toni Daniels

Associate Director of Financial Aid | Harlem Campus

Kelly Degnan, BS

Student Accounts Representative/Registrar | Middletown Campus

Alaina Ingram

Assistant Registrar; Student Account Representative | Montana Campus

Jacinta Jiminez

Financial Aid Administrator | Harlem Campus

Sandy Johnsrud

Financial Aid Administrator | Montana Campus

Sandy Johnsrud

Financial Aid Administrator | Montana Campus

Melba McDonald, BS

Financial Aid Administrator | Middletown Campus

Khemwattie Ramdhanny, M.Ed.

Associate Registrar | Harlem Campus

Olga Soto

Student Account Supervisor | Harlem Campus

Lin Zhang

Student Account Representative | Middletown Campus

IT Department/ Educational Media

Zafir Abdullah

Exam/Clicker Administrator | Harlem Campus

Taylor Alexander

Videographer | Harlem Campus

David Caddell II

IT System Administrator | Middletown Campus

Cristian Cheatham, BS

Information Technology Technician | Middletown Campus

Ed Hassell

IT Director | Montana Campus

Nicholas Hoffmann

Director of Information Technology & Educational Media | Middletown Campus

Ali T. Khan

Director of Educational Media | Harlem Campus

Salman T. Khan

IT System Administrator | Harlem Campus

Mazal Yosupov

IT System Administrator | Harlem Campus

Rashid Zolqarnain

Director of IT | Harlem Campus