Janica Aclao

Primary Care Department Administrative and Operations Director | Middletown Campus

E'lan Barron-Henry

MS Program Coordinator; Preclinical Coordinator | Middletown Campus

    Jose Barzola

    Primary Care Department Administrative Director | Harlem Campus

    Meghan Bennett

    Director of CME; Preclinical Department Curriculum Coordinator | Middletown Campus

      Jessica Bochicchio

      Clinical Grade Coordinator | Middletown Campus

        Jemma Rajpaul

        4th Year Clinical Rotations Coordinator | Harlem Campus

          Raquel Suarez

          MS Program Coordinator | Harlem Campus

            Ashley Wittens, BA

            Student Coordinator for Clinical Rotations | Middletown Campus

              Edmarine Bailey

              Administrative Assistant | Harlem Campus

              Carolyn Burrowes

              Administrative Assistant | Harlem Campus

              Albretha Conner

              Assistant to the Dean of Research | Harlem Campus

              Marcus Dean

              Administrative Assistant | Harlem Campus

              Cindy Dickman

              Executive Assistant to the COO & Dean of Student Affairs | Middletown Campus

              Hayley Everett

              Hayley Everett

              Administrative Assistant, Basic Sciences and Anatomy Departments | Montana Campus

              Renee Geathers-Bookhart

              Coordinator, Anatomy Department | Harlem Campus

              Sheri Harrison

              Sheri Harrison

              Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Clinical Dean | Montana Campus

              Shumaya Islam

              Administrative Assistant | Harlem Campus

              Christina Kim

              Christina Kim

              Administrative Assistant, Primary Care Department | Montana Campus

              Sabrina Lahaderne

              Sabrina Lahaderne

              Administrative Assistant to Assistant Preclinical Dean | Montana Campus

              Augustyne McLean

              Administrative Assistant | Middletown Campus

              Ayden Moore

              Ayden Moore

              Administrative Assistant, OMM Department | Montana Campus

              Jeanine Morgan

              Executive Assistant to Campus Dean/Director of HR/Accounts Payable Manager | Montana Campus

              Ana Morillo

              Office Manager | Harlem Campus

              Althea Prendergast

              Administrative Assistant to Director of Community Affairs | Harlem Campus

              Naomi Primus

              Administrative Assitant | Harlem Campus

              Yleana Pérez

              Administrative Assitant | Middletown Campus

              Sandy Robinson

              Administrative Assistant to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs | Montana Campus

              Jenice Smith

              Administrative Assitant | Middletown Campus

              Emily Stene

              Emily Stene

              Preclinical Curriculum Administrator | Montana Campus