Medachieve is an after-school program in our local communities designed for high school students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. It consists of two programs: MedStart, which is the first year, and MedExcel, the second year.

During each program, students attend lectures and participate in interactive lab sessions with a focus on medical science. Each MedAchieve student is paired with a current medical student from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine who mentors them throughout the program, offering guidance for their academic and career goals.

The main academic goal of MedAchieve is to provide students with a practical understanding of basic medical sciences, designed as a two-year program mirroring medical school curriculum. Successful completion of the MedAchieve program - both MedStart and MedExcel – guarantee you an interview at Touro's DO school.

MedStart: Building Foundations in Medicine

MedStart is the first step in the MedAchieve program. This first-year program focuses on the foundations of medicine, such as anatomy, physiology, immunology and genetics. Our approach encourages creativity in our students, motivating them to pursue their goals, while providing them with the skills and experiences needed to achieve them. Students learn in an engaging, interactive environment with personalized mentoring.

At the beginning of the year students are matched with individual mentors who are current medical students from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. Mentors work with their high school students throughout the program to help them understand the material and to provide guidance as they begin to explore careers in the healthcare field.

MedExcel: Applied Understanding in Medicine

MedExcel is our second-year program at MedAchieve. It builds on the foundations learned in MedStart and allows students to further their understanding. The MedExcel curriculum revisits the systems of the human body and analyze the ways they respond to stress, injury and disease. Students will be taught the theory behind different medical evaluations, diagnostic tools and treatment options.

Students continue to work one-on-one  during their second year with the program. At the end of the year, students will design and complete a poster on a medically related topic of their choosing and give a presentation of their project findings.

How to Apply to MedAchieve

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