The Process for Scheduling Events ON/OFF Campus:

If you are seeking to schedule an ON or OFF campus event, prior approval must be obtained from the Dean of Student Affairs, as per the Student Handbook. You'll need to fill out the Student Government Association Event Approval & Funding Request Form.

Examples of former student organized events on campus:
Visiting guest speakers
Health fairs
Non- credit courses

The Approval Process:

  1. Complete the event approval form and obtain all necessary signatures prior to submitting to Student Affairs for approval.
  2. Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to scheduled date of event.
  3. All visiting organizations must also complete a Facilities User Agreement Form. The agreement must include a copy of the organization’s liability of insurance at the levels indicated, covering Touro College and University Systems for the event.
  4. The completed event approval form and (if necessary) Facilities User Agreement form should be submitted to:
    Ms. Carolyn Burrowes
    Tel: (646) 981-4558
  5. The signed event form can be picked up from:
    Ms. Althea Prendergast
    Administrative Assistant to Director of Community Affairs, 3rd Floor Reception Area
    Tel: (646) 981-4501

Once the event is approved:

  1. Schedule the room for your event through Ms. Althea Prendergast
  2. Food for events on campus must be kosher, in accordance with Touro College Food Policy
  3. If necessary, arrange for Touro media coverage through the Director of Communications, preferably a week's notice. Please copy IT on all requests
  4. If necessary, arrange for security through the director of on campus security.
  5. If necessary, arrange for cleaning afterwards through the Director of Maintenance.
  6. Email Carolyn Burrowes ( with event info so it can be posted to the calendar. After the event make sure to send a photo and caption so it can be included in what’s going on around campus.

The Touro College and University System adheres to a traditional Jewish calendar. Therefore, we are closed on the Jewish Sabbath and Holy Days. This means that there is no academic instruction and our facilities and campuses are closed.

An unapproved documented usage of space or cancellation without notification will result in the loss of rights and privileges of utilizing official room space and resources for the Student Organization.