For Master’s program, 1st and 2nd year matriculated students of TouroCOM lockers are provided at no cost. 

Students will be directed at the start of the school year during the new student orientation program to select a locker and register it with the office of Student Affairs.  Each student is allowed the utilization of one locker each during their tenure at the COM.   Lockers are to be emptied at the end of each semester.  The only exceptions are if students remain on campus for work or other school related school activity.

Available lockers are located throughout the 2nd and 3rd floors of the COM.  It should be noted that the lockers on the 4th and 5th floors belong exclusively to the Touro College of Pharmacy.

Once you have chosen your locker, place a lock on it and jot down the locker number. Fill out the Locker Assignment form and indicate the locker number you have chosen. Please note if for any reason you need to change your locker, please inform the Student Affairs Office that you are making a change and provide your current registered locker number and the locker number you wish to change it to.

Students are responsible for their personal property in the lockers, at all times, and must provide their own locks. No bailment is created in favor of the student by the school’s supply of these amenities. Please note that the lockers themselves, like all other school assets, are Touro College property and therefore no privacy interest in favor of the student is created. The student assumes all risk of property damage and/or loss to items stored in the lockers and Touro shall have no liability in connection there with.


Lockers located inside the gym are reserved for students utilizing the gym at that time only.  Gym lockers are to be emptied following the use of the gym that day. 

If you encounter issues with lockers or are in need of one, please contact the Dean of Student Affairs.  

For Middletown:


There are lockers on the Ground and 2nd floors. You may choose a locker of your choice.


Each student is provided a courtesy membership at the YMCA, which is blocks away from the medical school. The YMCA is complete with basketball courts, extensive weight room, general exercise room, track, football/soccer field, and a brand new 6 lane pool for the 2016-2017 academic year. Organized teams for sports activities are also available.