The Process for Requesting an Excused Absence:



  1. As soon as a student identifies the need to request an excused absence, the student must complete and submit the excused absence request form to:

    Harlem Campus

    Middletown Campus

    Taylor Nixon
    Email: Taylor Nixon
    Phone: (212) 851-1199 ext.42421
    Cindy Dickman
    Phone: (845) 648-1000 Ext. 60110
  2. Students should download and complete the Excused Absence Request Form.   

    Remember to submit all required information, including but not limited to, the courses, examinations, and labs that will be missed. Provide the necessary supporting documentation to support your request.

  3. The submitted request will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Affairs and if approved, the request is processed. If the request is not approved, the student will be informed of this decision also.

  4. Reference the Student Handbook for detailed information regarding TouroCOM approved criteria for requesting an excused absence. 

    If the request is approved, an email is sent to Course Directors and other appropriate parties letting them know that the request has been approved, and if necessary, informs the student when and whom to contact with regard to scheduling a makeup examination.