Work Hard, Play Hard: TouroCOM-Middletown’s Student Wellness Day

Before final exams begin, students take a break from their studies with massages, yoga, therapy dogs, and healthy snacks.

December 08, 2014

After slewing through midterms and OSCEs, students at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-Middletown finally had a chance to relax during Student Wellness Day. Organized by a committee comprised of members of student services, the afternoon provided a range of fun and stress-relieving activities for the students, including massage therapy, yoga, Zumba classes, Reiki therapy, and games. In another room, students played with and petted certified therapy Bernese mountain dogs and puppies. En route to the different activities, students could also grab a healthy snack from the table of apples and bananas. The event ended with a raffle drawing, in which three lucky students won wellness baskets.  

“It was so nice to have time to relax and enjoy ourselves before finals hit full force,” said one student. “We're really appreciative of the staff for their enthusiasm and effort in setting up the activities and looking out for us.” 

 “Our staff recognizes the pressures students are under and wanted to have this event to help students feel centered and calm in preparation for the upcoming finals week,” said Ms. Hecht-Garcia, social worker and assistant to the dean of student affairs. “The students seemed to enjoy all of the activities, but looked especially relaxed and joyful while petting the dogs!”