Recovering Victims' Voices: USC Shoah Foundation Webinar

April 4, 2024 4:00pm – April 2, 2024 6:00pm ET
04/4/24 4:00 PM 04/2/24 6:00 PM Recovering Victims' Voices: USC Shoah Foundation Webinar TouroCOM-Harlem, LH1 Recovering Victims' Voices: USC Shoah Foundation Webinar
TouroCOM - Harlem, TouroCOM - Middletown, TouroCOM - Montana
TouroCOM-Harlem, LH1

The Diversity Task Force invites you to view and discuss the USC Shoah Foundation's Recovering Victims' Voices series webinar. 

Dr. Sabine Hildebrandt, researcher and associate professor of pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, will be giving a lecture titled "The Women on Stieve's List: Anatomy, Nazi Victims, Legacies."

In Nazi Germany, the medical field was part of the larger effort to dehumanize anyone who did not conform to the idea of a “healthy German nation.” Dr. Hildebrandt, who teaches anatomy and history of anatomy at Harvard Medical School and Harvard College, scrutinizes the biographies of medical professionals during the Nazi era and restores the histories of victims subjected to coercive medical experimentation both before and after death. Dr. Hildebrandt also considers the legacies of this history for the present, including how to ethically approach work with human remains in historical collections at universities, museums, and historical institutions.

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