Mindfulness/Meditation Training - Harlem

September 20, 2016 3:00pm – 4:00pm ET
09/20/16 3:00 PM 09/20/16 4:00 PM Mindfulness/Meditation Training - Harlem OMM Room Mindfulness/Meditation Training - Harlem
TouroCOM - Harlem
OMM Room

The TouroCOM Wellness Committee is excited to start the year off with Mr. J. Cooper, LMSW who is an international speaker and instructor on Mindfulness and Meditation. Mr. Cooper has graciously devoted his time to provide this training for us.​

As medical students, you are often so swept up in your studies that you forget to focus on yourselves. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to gain awareness and emotional balance. There are many good reasons for developing a meditation practice in your 20’s and 30’s; evidence suggests that meditation can reduce stress and improve concentration, lessen anxiety and depression, and improve sleep.