American Medical Student Association (AMSA) - Harlem

Enrich and inspire the lives of students through student activities and supplemental medical education. Coordinate with administration and local medical schools to provide students with residency fairs, guest speakers, and legislative information to supplement their medical education. Inspire students by providing access to national physician networks and give students opportunities to attend leadership, healthcare policy, and educational conferences and institutes. Promote health and wellness through community outreach programs. Inform students and faculty of changes to legislation and healthcare policies that will affect them.

Signing up for AMSA national is Free. Some discounts are available through AMSA membership benefits.

Executive Board
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arthur Prancan 
President: Nadine Aboukaff
Vice President: Tristan Cruz 
Treasurer: Yahye Samatar
Secretary: Niyaz Arif
National Liaison: Claire Williams