Coronavirus Updates - last update: March 26, 2020, 4:00 pm

Touro NY and NYMC physical locations are closed but we continue to learn and work online as we strive for business continuity during the Coronavirus. Read all Coronavirus updates.


Student Represented TouroCOM - Harlem Committees

Admissions Committee:
Chair: Dr. Stacey Fanning
Student Representatives: Mike Dorritie, Tobin Thuma

Alumni Committee:
Chair: Dr. Bernard Lanter
Student Representative: Ilyse Blazar

Biosafety Committee:
Chair: Dr. Piotr Kozlowski
Student Representative: Jake Blair, Kathleen DiCaprio, Samiyyah Tillman

Community Service Committee:
Chairs: Dr. Tipsuda Bahri  
Student Representatives: Adam Halpern, Danielle Marsh, Sercan Ture

Curriculum Committee:
Chair: Dr. Luis Vidal
Student Representatives: Daniela Ben Neriah, Kathleen DiCaprio, Nick Ingram, Umamah Siddiqui

Facilities Committee:
Chair: Dr. Todd Levi
Director of Maintenance: Cesare Lucido
Student Representatives: Derek Salud, Sercan Ture

Graduation Committee:
Chair: Dr. Nadege Dady
Student Representatives: Sarah Li, Lucine Papazian

Grand Rounds Committee:
Chair: Dr. Todd Levi
Student Representative: Arielle Kanner

Information Technology Committee:
Chair: Dr. Christine Lomiguen
Director of IT: Rashid Zolqarnain
Student Representatives: Alexander Kim, Tobin Thuma

Library Committee:
Chair: Dr. Esquire Anthony
Student Representatives: Adam Halpern

Research Committee:
Chair: Dr. Piotr Kozlowski
Student Representatives:
Kathleen DiCpario, Puja Parikh, Derek Salud

Wellness Committee:
Chair: Shelbi Simmons, LCSW-R
Wellness Liaison: Haley Megarity


Student Represented TouroCOM-Middletown Committees

Admissions Committee:
Chair: Dr. Tamie Proscia-Lieto
Student representatives: Brandon Funk, Leandra Trydal

Biosafety Committee:
Chair: Dr. Nilak Shah
Student Representative: Atif Towheed

Community Service Committee:
Chair: Dr. Martin Torrents
Student Representatives: Ian Batson, Megan Crants, Jermeen El-Zabet, Ryan Mirchin, Adekunle Oyesile

Curriculum Committee:
Chair: Dr. Stephen Moorman
Student Representatives: Sara Abdelhalim, Richard Contrata, James Curry, Susan Ghobrial, Kelly Ng, Lucjan Olf Lang, Christopher Riviello, Harman Sawhney, Devin Shanker 

Facilities Committee:
Chair: Oana Rosenthal
Facilities Manager: Robert Dickman
Student Representatives: Harman Sawhney, Nikeith Shah

Graduation Committee:
Chair: Dr. Pearl Myers
Student Representatives: Lina Acopians, Stephens Griner, Mia Thomas, Anna Tran

Information Technology Committee:
Chair: Dr. Joyce Brown
Director of IT: Christian Janssen
Student Representatives: Shamir Naveed, Ashwin Venkataraman

Library Committee:
Chair: Dr. Alex Braun
Student Representatives: Mason Liu, Sachelle Martin

Research Committee:
Chair: Dr. David Yens
Student Representative: Jermeen El-Zabet, Henry Herrera, Atif Towheed, and Haoming Liu