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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff may be the first to recognize students who are in need of counseling services or crisis intervention.

Ways to respond to student in distress.


  • Express interest and concern, but remain calm.
  • Let the student talk.
  • Listen carefully to the student and take their feelings seriously.
  • Suggest meeting with the mental health counselor. Emphasize that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness.
  • Consult with the counselor for support.

If the student agrees:

  • Offer to contact the counselor while with the student.
  • Follow up directly with the student to confirm follow-through.

If the student declines:

  • Continue to recommend counseling, but don’t force the issue.
  • Consult with the counselor about your concerns.


  • Sound (or be) judgmental.
  • Become flustered or panicky.
  • Use accusatory or critical statements.
  • Make assumptions about what the student is going to say.
  • Ask the student if they have a mental health problem.
  • Look for a “quick fix” for the student’s problems.
  • Become frustrated if suggestions are resisted.
  • Be afraid to ask if the student has recent/current thoughts about wanting to die or being better off dead.

Ways to Refer Students to Counseling & Wellness

  • Via Student-Faculty Interaction Form
  • Via Phone
  • Via Dean of Student of Affairs

Assisting Students in Distress


A student's meetings with the Counselor are confidential. The Counselor cannot confirm that a student contacted the Counselor or attended a counseling session without the student’s written permission.

Additional Resources/Coverage

For 24/7 Support, Referral, and Crisis Intervention Services:  

Health Advocate Student Assistance Program:
1-855-384-1800 or

NYC Well Helpline:
1-888-NYC-Well (692-9355)

Erica Weissman, J.D., Psy.D.
Dir. of Student Mental Health Services, Touro College – NY