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Faculty Services

Workshops & Presentations for Students

Library faculty are available to do workshops or or class presentations on how to use resources required or recommended for a course (PubMed, UpToDate, Cochrane Collection, Exam Master) as well medical informatics and evidence-based medicine.

Workshops and One-on-One sessions

If you want to learn the details of using any of our resources, or even the Microsoft Office suite, let us know, and if others are interested we can do a workshop, otherwise we’ll work with you individually.


Help is available to locate and select resources to search and the formulation of a search strategy.

Citation Advice

We have access to most of the major style manuals and can help you in making sure your citation format is correct.

Purchase Recommendations

If you know of a print or electronic resource that would be useful to you or our students, please let us know, and we’ll be glad to evaluate it, and add it to our collection if it meets our collection development policy and is within our budget.