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Library Food/Drink Policy

While we want all members of the Touro community to have a rewarding library experience, we do ask that those using our facility respect our food and beverage policies. Because food and beverages can cause damage to our materials and equipment, as well as invite insects and rodents, we find it necessary to impose some limits on the consumption of food and beverages in the libraries:

  • Snack foods are permitted. This includes items such as candy bars, nuts, pretzels, chips, pastry, dried fruit, raw vegetables, and cookies. Food waste must be discarded in designated containers.
  • Beverages are permitted as long as they are in sturdy, spill-proof containers. At a minimum, all beverages should have a lid on them at all times. Please keep lids and caps on all glass or plastics bottles.
  • Meals that consist of messy or aromatic foods are not permitted. This includes items such as hoagies, steak sandwiches, pizza, salads, soup and generally any meals provided in vendor packaging or that come from fast-food restaurants or home.
  • Students who violate the food and beverage policy will be asked to move to a more appropriate dining location.
  • Always properly dispose of leftovers, empty containers and wrappers.
  • Damage to Touro property (desks, computers, screens, printers, etc…) will be the responsibility of the user.

This policy is subject to change if these policies are abused or ignored. Our goal is to accommodate the needs of our library customers and reflect the reality of the current culture while maintaining a clean, pest-free environment, preserving collections and equipment, and sustaining an atmosphere conducive to study and research. We ask that you be considerate of your fellow students, the Library Staff, as well as the next Library user that comes after you.