Research Resources

Touro College and the Touro College and University System have a number of resources available to faculty investigators. This page provides links to key information to help full-time faculty interested in pursuing research projects, and seeking internal or external support.

General questions about research support and services can be directed to the Touro College Office of Sponsored Programs, where Glenn Davis serves as Director.

Research Support & Funding

Touro offers a number of intramural support programs for research.  The Touro College Office of Sponsored Programs provides an array of services related to seeking external funding.  A group of faculty volunteers is available for informal consultation about research methodology and statistics as well.

Research Compliance

Research Collaborations

There are three potential sources of information from which you may be able to find potential research collaborators within Touro:

  • Mentor IRB is populated with information that was solicited from the faculty through their deans.  You access the information by logging into the TouroOne Portal: go to the Employee tab, scroll down on the left-hand column and click on the Mentor IRB button; once in Mentor IRB, click on the Search Research tab and then use the search function choices.
  • Research Topics is a TCUS Research webpage that lists fifteen major research areas with the System.  When you click on the topic bar, the names of faculty members specializing in a given area appear with a link to each of their faculty Touro web profiles.
  • All Faculty Experts is a listing prepared by Communications that identifies key expertise within our faculty.  It is searchable by name or keyword.  When you click on the faculty member’s name, you are taken to a page with more detailed information about the individual.

Touro Scholar: This repository contains the research and scholarly output of faculty in the Touro College and University System since 2012.  Through their publications, you also may be able to identify potential collaborators.