Pathology/Histology Laboratory

A TouroCOM Research Core Laboratory, our full-service histological and immune-histochemical lab is equipped for dissecting, processing, sectioning, and staining of any animal or human tissues. Major equipment includes:

  • Automatic Dako Autostainer Plus for automated immune-staining
  • Two tissue processors, one for routine paraffin processing and another for processing for electron microscopy (Lynx II)
  • Paraffin embedding station
  • Large microtomes that can section up to supercassete size blocks
  • Cryostat for frozen sections
  • Flotation baths
  • Cytospin 4 centrifuge
  • Six Zeiss microscopes, ovens, and variety of smaller lab instrument and equipment

Confocal Microscopy Laboratory

A shared TouroCOM Research Core Laboratory, this lab features a fully-functional I90 Confocal Nikon Microscope, equipped with:

  • 3 laser light sources (561,488 and 405 nm)
  • Confocal head
  • UV light source
  • High sensitivity camera
  • Mechanized scanning stage
  • Full complement of high end optics

Digital Pathology and Tele-Pathology Laboratory

A fully-functional TouroCOM Research Core Laboratory, the lab features a dedicated computer-controlled, high-resolution, microscopic slide scanner ScanScope from Aperio. The scanner is connected to a dedicated server and computer clusters in the Advanced Computing Laboratory. The lab is also equipped with an autonomous videoconferencing station, two smaller scanners, and two Zeiss microscopes.

Advanced Computing Laboratory

A shared TouroCOM Research Core Laboratory, the Advanced Computing Lab features

two computer clusters used for multiple layer image stacking and manipulation, as well as 3D stacking and modeling.  One is a Beowulf cluster running a Linux-based operating system on 22 stacked individual desktop Lenovo computers. The other cluster includes nine large Mac desktop computers running on the Snow Leopard OS X.

Touro College Research Tissue Bank

Established as a shared TouroCOM Research Core Laboratory in 2011, the tissue bank provides samples of fixed and frozen human tissues and fluids. All lab materials are safely and ethically obtained and stored. Samples help TouroCOM researchers study a variety of human diseases and conditions where the human tissue is the sole source of information. This lab is equipped with -80deg C ultra-freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers, biosafety hoods, microscopes, and a variety of small laboratory equipment.

Immunology Laboratory

This laboratory is fully equipped for studying cellular and humoral immunity. Major equipment includes:

  • Hepa-filtered biosafety cabinets
  • Refrigerated cell culture centrifuge
  • Tissue culture CO2 incubators
  • Liquid nitrogen storage tanks
  • ELISA plate reader and Elisa strip washer
  • Luminex BioAssay system
  • Four color, dual laser Accuri Flow Cytometer
  • Microscopes, ovens, and a variety of smaller laboratory equipment

The lab has also recently acquired a complete aquatic system for maintenance and breeding of zebra fish.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

One of our newer labs, this facility is fully equipped to establish, maintain, and propagate cell and tissue cultures, including established cell lines obtained from extramural commercial sources and collaborators as well as a primary cell cultures. Lab equipment includes:

  • Hepa-filtered bio-safety cabinets
  • CO2 incubators
  • Liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks
  • Hoods, microscopes, and PCR equipment

Clinical Assessment Laboratory

This lab is a part of the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment Institute. It is equipped with:

  • TECA Synergy T-EP – EMG/EP Monitoring System
  • Ergsys 2.0 FES Bike
  • Power Plate Vibration System
  • NeuroCom Balance Assessment

BioSafety Level 3 Laboratories (BSL3 Labs) are currently in a final stage of construction.