TouroCOM Research Laboratories

The TouroCOM NY Harlem campus includes a large research facility laboratory located on the fifth floor of 230 West 125th Street and include following laboratories:

Cancer Biology Research Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with variety of laboratory equipment including centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers, electrophoresis equipment, water baths, tissue culture incubators, biohazard safety cabinets, microscopes, etc., with bench space for six people. The lab is also equipped for primary epithelial cell culture, tumor biology, animal work, biochemistry, and cell biology. Equipment includes a Bio Rad CFX96 real time PCR machine, Bio Rad T1000 thermocycler, Amaxa transfection system, Eppendorf Biospectromoter, and Gene Pulser X-cell electroporator. There is access to communal equipment rooms, tissue culture rooms. The lab contains 110V and 220V emergency outlets with backup power as well as an emergency shower and eyes washes. Adjacent to Cancer Biology lab is the Changing/Autoclave Utility Room (Room 508) and bathroom.


These two animal holding rooms, one for mice and one for rats, are equipped with two Thoren systems with 50 Individually ventilated Microisolation cages for each system, 4 Baker biohazard safety cabinets, and a pass through autoclave for cage sterilization is available in room 508.

Research BioBank

This laboratory was established in 2011 in order to provide samples of fixed and frozen human tissues and fluids obtained and stored in a safe and ethical way. Those samples are acquired, processed and distributed to TouroCOM researchers for research projects on variety of human diseases and conditions where the human tissue is the sole source of information. This laboratory is equipped with -80deg C ultra-freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers, biosafety hoods, microscopes and a variety of small laboratory equipment.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a full complement of equipment to establish, maintain and propagate cell and tissue cultures. It is equipped with Hepa-filtered bio-safety cabinets, CO2 incubators, hoods, microscopes, PCR equipment, liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks and three -80ยบ centigrade ultra-freezers.

Pathology/Histology Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped as a full-service histological and immune-histochemical laboratory. It is equipped for dissecting, processing, sectioning and staining of any animal or human tissues. The major equipment includes automatic Dako Autostainer Plus for automated immune staining. two tissue processors, one for routine paraffin processing and another for processing for electron microscopy (Lynx II); paraffin embedding station, large microtomes that can section up to super-cassette size blocks, cryostat for frozen sections, flotation baths, Cytospin 4 centrifuge, six Zeiss microscopes, ovens, and variety of smaller lab instrument and equipment.

Confocal Microscopy Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with I90 Confocal Nikon Microscope. This microscope is equipped with three laser light sources (561,488, and 405 nm), confocal head, UV light source, high sensitivity camera, mechanized scanning stage and full complement of high-end optics.

Digital Pathology and Tele-Pathology

This laboratory has a dedicated computer controlled high-resolution (20x and 40x) microscopic slide scanner ScanScope from Aperio. This scanner is connected to the dedicated server in the main server room. This lab is also equipped with autonomous video conferencing station, two smaller scanners, one flat and one for slides (Nikon 500), one five- headed Nikon and one eight-headed Zeiss teaching microscopes and thirteen digital teaching Motic microscopes.

Immunology Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a full complement of equipment for study of cellular and humoral immunity. Major equipment pieces are Hepa-filtered biosafety cabinets, refrigerated cell culture centrifuge, microscopes upright and inverted, tissue culture CO2 incubators, liquid nitrogen storage tanks, ELISA plate reader and Elisa strip washer, Luminex BioAssay system, four color, dual laser Accuri Flow Cytometer, ovens and a variety of smaller laboratory equipment. The research techniques available include: four color flow cytometry to assess cellular phenotype and function, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), Luminex Bead-based multiplex assay and data analysis, tissue culture experiments involving BSL-2 level pathogens and long term cryogenic storage of cell lines.