Current Projects

We’re working to improve the health and lives of all people and communities.

TouroCOM researchers are currently involved in a variety of projects that will help us better understand disease, add to the foundation of medical knowledge, and improve the delivery of medical care in order to provide the best possible patient care. 

In addition to advancing medical education, current projects include:

Combating Infection and Disease

Piotr B. Kozlowski, MD, PhD closely studies microglia—the brain cells that act as the first line of active immune defense--in HIV/AIDS patients.

Steven Jones, PhD examines the influence of Toll-like receptor ligands on vaccine responses.

Arthur Prancan, PhD is conducting a study of vascular control mechanisms and the reversal of arterial hypo-responsiveness in sepsis.

Kurt Degenhardt, PhD focuses on apoptosis and autophagy in tumorigenesis.

Advancing Medical Education

Tipsuda Junsanto-Bahri, MD is conducting a nationwide assessment of career satisfaction among pathology residents.

Judi Binstock, PhD analyzes basic science prerequisites for medical school admission.

Serving all Communities

Tipsuda Junsanto-Bahri, MD studies attitudes and concerns regarding blood donations among various ethnic, socio-economic, and religious groups.