Our Job as Human Beings

TouroCOM Middletown Student Rishi Thaker Expounds on Role of Healthcare

August 04, 2017

As a child, he accompanied his mother, a nurse, on her home health rounds after school. It was a formative experience.

“It showed us what a life of medicine is like,” Thaker recalled. “It’s about caring for other people.”

Thaker also recalls when he realized what type of doctor he wanted to become. While watching the nightly news on television with his father as an eight-year-old, he saw United States Senator Bill Frist, speaking. Thaker’s father gestured to the screen.

“My father said that Frist was a doctor,” Thaker explained. “That really affected me. It gave me a vision for what kind of impact I could have as a doctor.”

After graduating from the University of Texas-Austin with a degree in economics, Thaker attended Drexel University to pursue a Master’s in Public Health.

“I knew a background in public health would allow me to become a better doctor, especially given the larger health crisis America faces like diabetes and hypertension” said Thaker.

He joined TouroCOM in 2015 and was elected to be his class representative in his first year. He currently serves as the president of the American Medical Association chapter in TouroCOM Middletown along with a host of other positions.

“Touro’s mission is to help in medically underrepresented communities and that resonated with me,” said Thaker. “Our job as human beings is to look after one another and value the life and potential of every single person.”