Fighting Obesity

Dr. Tro Kalayjian Gives Patients Hope and Plans

September 03, 2019

“There’s a deep emotional and psychologic level that goes along with obesity,” explained Dr. Kalayjian, medical director at Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss & Direct Primary Care. “If you’ve been shamed your whole life for being obese this carries a lot of emotion. Our goal is to help patients lose weight and let their bodies heal as their bodies were meant to heal. This is consistent with the tenets and lessons we learned at TouroCOM.”

Dr. Kalayjian, who is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine, began medical school weighing 350 pounds. “I was totally bewildered,” recalled Tro, whose parents suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure. “I didn’t know how to lose weight. The standard advice of eat less and move more didn’t work.”

During his rigorous medical education and with the encouragement of his pregnant wife, Dr. Kalayjian began digging into the literature about obesity. “When you look at the data usually the diets that are lowest in processed carbohydrates and lowest in sugars help people lose weight and fix their diabetes,” said Dr. Kalayjian.

With a new diet and a healthy work out regime, he managed to lose 150 pounds over several years and keep the weight off.  His research also led him to his specialty in obesity medicine.  “I think it’s difficult for most physicians who are not overweight or who have not been overweight to relate to the struggles of someone who is obese,” he explained. “I think that makes a divide between a physician and patient even more paramount and even more difficult and it becomes a barrier to getting good care.”

At his new practice, Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss & Direct Primary Care, Dr. Kalayjian approaches each patient by looking at the whole picture with regard to their weight: from social pressures to psychological reasons and genetic factors. “We give people hope and we give them a plan,” he said.

“One of the most important lessons I learned at TouroCOM was having empathy for the patient and understanding their struggles and being able to meet them where they are,” continued Dr. Kalayjian. “That is something TouroCOM instilled in me.”