Every Patient is Unique

On TouroCOM's 10th Anniversary, Supreeya Swarup, Graduate of First Class, Talks About Success

November 21, 2017

The daughter of two physicians, Swarup witnessed the practicalities of medical care early as a child in India. “I saw the differences my parents made in the lives of their patients."

After spending part of her youth in England and then moving to the United States as a teenager, Swarup attended the University of California at Berkley. Attracted by TouroCOM’s mission of helping the underserved, she joined the school when it started in 2007.

"Being a part of the first class was an incredibly gratifying experience," recounted Swarup. "We helped mold the school. We were all especially close since we were the only ones in the school. We all came together to help one another. Some of my best friends are from TouroCOM."

During her time at TouroCOM she mentored local students, including one who was the first child in his family to attend college. After graduating in 2011, she completed her residency in internal medicine and chose to further specialize in cardiology.

"There’s a kind of instant gratification with cardiology," said Swarup. "There aren’t many gray areas. One day a woman came in with an electrical abnormality. The next day we put in a pacemaker for her."

Swarup said she plans to specialize in interventional cardiology.

"TouroCOM strengthened my desire to take care of the underserved," said Swarup. "Touro gave me the tools. It showed me what hard work, courage and perseverance meant. TouroCOM showed me what a community looks like."