TouroCOM-Harlem program introduces next generation of DOs to medicine

April 21, 2016
Photo provided by Jovanna Madray, OMS II
Photo provided by Jovanna Madray, OMS II

Osteopathic medical students serve as mentors for Harlem high schoolers interested in pursuing careers in science and medicine.

From the first time he saw a heart in biology class, high school student Farhan Hossain knew he wanted to become a cardiac surgeon—a career he is even more certain of after participating in Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (TouroCOM-Harlem) MedAchieve program.

“I have learned so much about the human body through this program: how the heart works, how the liver functions, and how to tell the difference between healthy and diseased organs,” says Hossain, a senior at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics in Harlem.

Launched four years ago, MedAchieve is a two-year after school medical science program offered to high school students in the Harlem area. The first year, MedStart, focuses on the foundations of medicine such as anatomy. In the second year, MedExcel, students learn how the body responds to stress, injury and disease.

Source: The DO