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Student Survival 101: Are You Suffering from Chronic Stress?

January 26, 2017

Stress always gets a bad rap but in some circumstances it can actually be a good thing. Known as “eustress,” good stress can propel you forward and help you achieve more goals, ultimately leading to more happiness, success or fulfillment. These relatively short bouts of stress (acute stress) provide motivation to get something done or overcome an obstacle, such as meeting a deadline, taking an exam, or giving a presentation. Even though you’re excited about something, you can still feel stressed out about it. Temporary bursts of stress have even been shown to enhance learning and brain function.

On the other hand, “chronic” or “bad” stress hinders progress and potentially leads to other serious health issues. This often presents itself as clinical depression, generalized anxiety, or trauma. Whether the stress originated as good or bad, if untreated, you will begin to suffer over time. Situations that can contribute to chronic stress include relationship issues, consistently high demands at school or at work, and loss of a family member, friend, or loved one.

Source: Medium