Harvey Auscultation Manikin

The TouroCOM Middletown Library offers a Harvey Simulation Model for students which realistically simulates nearly any cardiac disease at the touch of a button by varying blood pressure, pulses, heart sounds, murmurs and breath sounds. Students are welcome to use Harvey during library hours.

Harvey Manikin Rules:

  • Before using the Harvey Model, students need to sign in with library staff.
    • You must present your Touro ID during the sign-in process.
    • The librarians will provide numbered stethophones, alcohol wipes and Harvey Instructions.
  • Only groups of 1-4 people may use Harvey at a time.
  • Groups are limited to 30 minute sessions at a time.
    • Check with the library staff if you wish to extend your time in case there are other groups waiting.
  • Stethophones must be wiped down with alcohol wipes at the beginning and the end of your session.
  • Return all supplies to the librarians when you sign out.