Pre-Med Pathways

Applying to medical school doesn't start with taking college pre-requisites and studying for the MCATs. It's a journey that starts much earlier, each step bringing you closer to your dream of practicing medicine. We want to see you get there and work with community programs to shepherd future physicians toward their goal. 

K-8th grade

TouroCOM works with Project Aspire and Cubs for Scrubs, going into local schools to peak students' interest in science and medicine.

High School

TouroCOM partners with Med-AchieveNational Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine and Mentoring in Medicine to help prepare high school students for 

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National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

Apply through the NYLF website

Mentoring in Medicine


Master the basics of anatomy with our summer anatomy course. It can be taken for credit and will give you an idea of what the first year of medical school is like. This course is taught by TouroCOM's Chair of Anatomy, Dr. Sushama Rich.