Summer Embryology - Harlem

All lectures will be delivered live via Zoom in accordance with public safety guidelines due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Course Description

Embryology is the study of formation, development and growth of a living organism. In this one week course the student will understand the major aspects of human development. We will study the process of development from the moment of conception up to the moment of birth. While studying the transitional events that will take us from single-celled organism to growing fetus, we will examine the formation of some of the major systems in the body. In addition, you will be introduced to some common, and uncommon, birth defects which will provide you with an understanding of what happens when developmental missteps occur. The student’s mastery of the course material is essential for future basic science training.

The first series of lectures deal with the pre-fetal periods of development. We will discuss formation of the gastrula, blastula, morula, and the embryo. You will understand the formation of the embryonic germ layers and their adult derivatives. Following implantation, we will discuss the formation of the extra embryonic membranes, formation of the placenta, and we will discuss the transition from growing embryo to developing fetus. Finally, we will examine the formation of some of the major body systems of the human fetus. Not all body systems will be discussed (because of time constraints) but the material presented in this course will serve as a solid foundation for your medical embryology course as well as other basic sciences courses (e.g. Histology, Neuroscience, & Gross Anatomy).

Course material will be presented on a fact based lecture format and student participation on all topics is highly encouraged.

Recommended Textbook (handouts will be provided)

Before We Are Born, 9th Ed. by Moore, K. , Persaud, T.V.N, Mark G.Torchia


Tuition ($450)

Registration Deadline

June 14, 2020. (Registration form must accompany $50 registration fee)


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