Innovations in Medical Education

We’re one of the first programs in the country to seamlessly integrate new classroom technologies into a medical curriculum. The future of medicine begins here.

We don’t just give students access to tens of thousands of print and digital resources, we give them the keys to their own education.

Fewer Lectures, Better Learning

Every student who commits to TouroCOM receives the full syllabus for the first year right away. Once accepted, you can plan ahead, watching pre-recorded lectures and reading assigned articles on your own time, whenever you work best. We dedicate class time to stimulating critical thinking approaches and solving challenges presented by the material. In-class “clicker sessions” help professors monitor your progress through the course.

Dynamic Curriculum, Digital Assessment

TouroCOM is the first medical school to administer all testing—including high stakes exams—online, giving professors the analytics to closely track student progress and outcomes. They can intervene early if you ever need help with a particular subject to help you stay on track.

Experiential Learning, Diverse Experiences

Third and fourth year clinical rotations will give you hands-on exposure to different hospitals, patients, and injury and disease states. You can even take an international elective and explore another area of the world that needs people with passion and evidence-based medical expertise.

There’s no one technology or curricular model that fits all students’ needs. But at TouroCOM, we’ve created a curriculum that draws from time-tested wisdom and forward-thinking innovations to empower students and prepare them to become doctors that can—and will—make a difference.