Clifford M Knapp, PhD, RPh

Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Basic Biomedical Sciences

  • Office: 60 Prospect Avenue, 2nd Floor, Room 248
  • Campus:
    Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine - Middletown
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Following completion of his Ph.D. at the Boston University School of  Medicine, Dr. Knapp was a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Neuroscience at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then taught at the Arnold and Marie Schwartz of Pharmacy (Brooklyn, NY). Subsequently, he was a  Clinical Specialist in Pharmacy in the Boston VA Care System, where he was involved substance abuse treatment research. Dr. Knapp then moved with his research team  to the Boston University School of Medicine to pursue research in both animal and human studies of substance abuse  and other areas of neuroscience. He was actively involved in the teaching of psychiatry residents, medical students, and graduate students during his years spent at Boston University. In July of 2015 Dr. Knapp arrived at the Middletown campus of the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine to begin working as the course director of pharmacology.

Office Hours:

By Appointment Only

Courses Taught:

Pharmacology, BSCI-634-M


B.A., Psychology, Clark University, 1973

B.S., Pharmacy, Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, 1977

M.A., Pharmacology, Boston University School of Medicine, 1982

Ph.D., Pharmacology, Boston University School of Medicine, 1988

Professional Affiliations

Professional Societies: Society for Neuroscience, Research Society on Alcoholism, American Society for the Advancement of Science


Belfer Felllow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1988-1990

Areas of Research/Interest

Substance abuse treatment research, brain mechanisms of substance abuse and of analgesic medications

Selected Publications

Datta S, Knapp CM, Koul-Tiwari R, Barnes A. The homeostatic regulation of REM sleep: A role for localized expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the brainstem. Behav Brain Res. 2015:292:381-392.

Devine, E. G., Knapp C. M., Sarid-Segal, O., O'Keefe S. O., Wardell C., Baskett M., Pecchia A., Ferrell, K., & Ciraulo, D. A.  Payment expectations for research participation among subjects who tell the truth, subjects who conceal information, and subjects who fabricate information. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2015:41: 55-61.

Knapp CM,  Ciraulo DA, Sarid-Segal., O,  Richardson  MA , Devine E, Streeter CC., Oscar-Berman M., Surprise C, Colaneri L, Putnam M, Waters M , Richambault C. Zonisamide, topiramate, levetiracetam: efficacy and neuropsychological effects in Alcohol Use Disorders J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2015;35:34-42.

Siwek DF, Knapp CM, Kaur G, Datta S. Dorsal subcoeruleus nucleus (SubCD) involvement in context-associated fear memory consolidation. Exp Brain Res. 2014; 232:1535-45.

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Ciraulo DA, Barlow DH, Gulliver SB, Farchione T,  Morissette S, Kamholz B,  Eisenmenger K, MD;  Brown B, RN; Devine E, Brown TA,  Knapp CM. The Effects of venlafaxine and cognitive behavioral therapy alone and combined in the treatment of co-morbid alcohol use-anxiety disorders. Behavioral Res Therapy. 2013; 51, 729-735.

Afshar M, Knapp CM, Sarid-Segal O, Devine E, Colaneri LS, Tozier L, Waters ME, Putnam MA, Ciraulo DA. The Efficacy of Mirtazapine in the Treatment of Cocaine Dependence with Comorbid Depression. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2012;38, 181-6.

Knapp C.M. Sarid-Segal O., Richardson M.A., Colaneri L.S., Afshar M., Devine E., Streeter C.C., Piechniczek-Buczek J. Ciraulo D.A. Open label trial of the tolerability and efficacy of zonisamide in the treatment of alcohol dependence. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2010;36:102-5.

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Sarid-Segal O., Knapp C.M., Burch W., Richardson M., Bahtia S., DeQuattro K., Afshar M., Richambault C., Sickles L., Devine E., Ciraulo D.A. The anticonvulsant zonisamide reduces ethanol self-administration by risky drinkers. Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2009; 35:316-319.

Knapp C.M., Tozier L., Pak A., Ciraulo D.A., Kornetsky C. Deep brain stimulation of the nucleus accumbens reduces ethanol consumption in rats. Pharmacol. Biochem Behavior, 92:474-479, 2009.


National Institute on Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse (PI-D.Ciraulo) 2008-2013, Interdisciplinary Study of Two Novel Anticonvulsants in Alcoholism. Role: Investigator

National Institutes on Drug Abuse  (PI – C. Kornetsky)  2010-2012, Interaction Between the Brain Reward and Pain Systems. Role: Investigator