Mentors and Advisors

Mentors play a key role at TouroCOM. Every student has a faculty member they can turn to for academic, professional, and personal support.

Medical school can be intellectually, physically, and even emotionally challenging. Our faculty mentor program helps students feel comfortable seeking support where they most need it.

We encourage you to take advantage of the insight, expertise, and help your professors can offer you. At a minimum, your faculty mentor can provide academic advising. But truly, your mentor will be your strongest advocate, taking a personal interest in your progress and helping you navigate the challenges you experience as a student.

You should contact your mentor as often as necessary for advice or encouragement. Your mentor will also assume a pro-active role in your academic performance, and will intervene to offer or find additional help as you need it.

Alumni serve as mentors as well, to request one, contact Beth Portnoy, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs,, (646) 981-4576.