Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) - Harlem, Middletown

Our goal in SAAO is to increase awareness of osteopathic philosophy and osteopathic manipulative medicine. The TouroCOM chapter hosts numerous events that include both didactic and hands-on experience. SAAO events are also aimed at enhancing our palpatory skills and OMT techniques.

Why Join? OMM is vital for providing patients with the standard level care for patients. SAAO is focused on providing an extra level of exposure to OMM in order to enhance our level of understanding of OMM mechanics, skills in palpation, and technique performance beyond the level of what is taught in class. OMM takes time and practice to master and the more experience one gets the better one's skills become. SAAO is a national student organization, which hosts annual national convocations where members can meet DOs from all over the country.

Joining SAAO will give you 4 years membership for an only $40 one-time membership fee.

SAAO Membership Benefits:
Ability to attend the annual AAO Convocation; Review forums organized by local chapters for OMM practical exams. Workshops to learn and practice new OMM skills, Research opportunities and case studies, Scholarships, Community service projects - helping others and earning TOUCH points, Participate in Osteopathic outreach programs to help educate the public about Osteopathic Medicine, Opportunities to practice and develop OMT skills, Opportunities to help other students learn Osteopathic principles, philosophy and techniques.

Executive Board - Harlem
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stasia Blyskal,
President: Grace Huang,
Vice President: Faisal Ansari,
Treasurer: Julie Lavalliere,
Secretary: Haydee Hernandez,
National Liaison: Neginder Saini,