Research Interest Group - Middletown

The Research Interest Group Middletown Mission is expanding research opportunities, scientific journal discussions and research networking.

The Organization and its leadership seek to accomplish its mission and purpose by:

  • Extend training program initiatives for aspiring physician-scientists to professional programs at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine where they will be beneficial, but may not be currently highly available or formalized, including but not limited to the school of medicine, school of pharmacy, Masters of Biological sciences. 
  • Acquire a better understanding of medical research and related principles, especially regarding the concept of translational and clinically based research.
  • Meet, network with, and build collaborative relationships with other aspiring physician-scientists in training
  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to write and apply for grants, establish a research project idea that is feasible and can be executed in a timely fashion. 
  • Interact with experienced and successful physician-scientists
  • Provide vertical mentorship to those who are at a less advanced stage in their training
  • Better understand the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities in the training and career of a  physician-scientist.

Executive Board

President: Don James
Vice-President: Swara Shah
Secretary: Dana Golden
Treasurer: Atinder Njjar
National Liaison: Jasmit Walia