Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG) - Middletown

To provide the Touro Community with information and resources in the field of psychiatry, as well as to promote psychiatric education in the medical school community. In addition, advocate for mental health as an integral part of overall health.

Psychiatry and Neurology Student Interest Group (PsychSIG) is TouroCOM Middletown's premiere student organization dedicated to developing mental health awareness and discussing neurological medicine from the varying points of view of medical students, future patients, and physicians alike. With fundraising movie nights, wellness days, patient speakers, and community volunteer opportunities, PsychSIG aims to actively debate and work upon hot-button relevant issues ranging from such topics as medical student burnout to socioeconomic mental health disparities. With open hearts and level heads, PsychSIG strives to help our communities, our patients, and ourselves; and hopes to remain: always on your mind.

Executive Board

Advisor: Dr. Arthur Lasko
Co-Advisor: Dr. ,
President: Robert Giannetti;
Vice President: Megan Crants;
Secretary: Isrin Srisethnil
Treasurer: Chirag Parikh;