Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) - Harlem

  • To spread awareness of human rights issues to the student and public community through leadership and research.
  • To assist in the investigation, documentation, and prevention of human rights violations through patient advocacy and public policy change.
  • To educate and serve the community by bringing attention to human rights abuses local and globally.

PHR’s National Student Program engages medical students and other young health professionals from across the United States who are interested in the intersection of health and human rights. The program provides medical students with the necessary resources and training to develop the skills and experience required to advocate for human rights.

Students organize local, direct actions on human rights issues; raise awareness on their campuses, in local communities, and in the media; organize educational events; and urge elected officials to take action through lobby days and by responding to PHR action alerts.

Executive Board
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Esquire Anthony,
President: Samuel Cohen,
Vice President: Meredith Peck,
Treasurer: Matthew Migliozzi,
Secretary: Douglas Burns,
National Liaison: Oyinlola Oshinowo,