International Medicine - Harlem

To promote active participation and interest in the healthcare of underserved communities on a local and international level. By addressing cultural boundaries and increasing awareness of global health care issues, we hope to enable future osteopathic physicians to better understand the human condition on a global scale.

Why Join? Our goals are to work with physicians to provide much needed medical care to underserved populations, to learn about the practice of medicine in developing regions, to gain skills and cultural awareness that will make us more enlightened practitioners, and to communicate our international experiences to our fellow medical students at school and to the local community. After all, almost every country has a rich satellite community in New York City. We also strive to partner with healthcare organizations globally who provide a continual commitment to the communities they serve. Thus far, students have worked as medical volunteers in India, Guatemala, Haiti, Costa Rica, Kenya and China, and several other missions are pending.

Executive Board
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Grace Vasconez-Pereira, and Dr. Robin McKinney, 
President: Sarah Aly,
Vice President: Samia Mirza,
Treasurer: Katie Dressman,
Secretary: Stephanie Yu,