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Internal Medicine Student Organization (IMSO) - Harlem, Middletown

Mission: Internal Medicine Student Organization (IMSO) goals are to promote communication among members and faculty, obtain information about careers in internal medicine, promote the profession of internal medicine, and serve the Harlem community and NYC as well as the medical school. IMSO is affiliated with American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI) and American College of Physicians (ACP).

Executive Board - Harlem
Faculty Advisor: Sonu Sahni,
President: Bianca Chendrimada,
Vice President: Brian Louie,
Treasurer: Brianna Manrakhan,
Secretary: Patrick O'Toole,
National Liaison: Khanh Truong,
Cardiology Chair: Todd Belok,
Hematology/Oncology Chair: Sarika Ziemann,