Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) - Harlem, Middletown

Mission: to approach emergency medicine from an osteopathic viewpoint by educating students about the work and life surrounding the Emergency Medicine specialty. Through lectures, workshops, and outreach, we educate, offer networking opportunities, and a sense of community.

Why Join? Due to the increase in patient volume and the various changes in health policy governing the how we conduct care the role of emergency medicine has become paramount proving care to individual. The EMIG is here to assist students interested in this ever-expanding field and show them what it takes to enter these competitive residencies. EMIG members will be given opportunities to interact with residency directors and well as many clinicians that can further them in their career. This medical specialty has become extremely competitive and we have the tools to ensure your success.

Executive Board - Harlem
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colbourne, david.colbourne@touro.edu
President: Evelyn Rajan, erajan2@student.touro.edu
Vice President: Alexandra Over, aover@student.touro.edu
Treasurer: Connie Chen, cchen27@student.touro.edu
Secretary: Shelby Cadet, scadet2@student.touro.edu

Executive Board - Middletown

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joyce Brown, Joyce.Brown@touro.edu 
President - Rehan Karim, rkarim2@student.touro.edu
Vice President - Devin Shanker, dshanker@student.touro.edu
Secretary - Paige Reinfeld, Preinfel@student.touro.edu
Treasurer - Michael Polito, Mpolito@student.touro.edu