Diversity Task Force - Harlem



Serving our TouroCOM family in promoting the diversity that is beautifully seen here. 

Danielle Marsh, Liaison-Diversity Chair dmarsh3@student.touro.edu
Tiguiran Kane, Secretary tkane2@student.touro.edu
Krystal Savice, Creative Director ksavice@student.touro.edu
Sadaf Popal, Historian spopal3@student.touro.edu
Trevor Mckoy, Diversity Officer tmckoy2@student.touro.edu
Ojirese Momoh, Diversity Officer omomoh@student.touro.edu
Sai Yetrintala, Diversity Officer syetrint@student.touro.edu
Ihiechi Enyia, Diversity Officer iohia_en@student.touro.edu
Sheyla Wagner, Diversity Officer swagner6@student.touro.edu