Dermatology Student Organization (DERM) - Harlem, Middletown

To stimulate the study and extend knowledge in the field of dermatology and to promote a more general understanding of the nature and scope of services rendered to other divisions of practice, hospitals, clinics and the public by osteopathic dermatologists.

Why Join? Any students who are interested in the field of dermatology would benefit from join this student organization. We hold events and meets to help students who are interested in dermatology get a better idea of what the field is like and get involved in the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. 

Executive Board - Harlem
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Sirota-Rozenberg,
President: Olga Marushchak,
Vice President: Chris Hong,
Treasurer: Noor Taied,
Secretary: Puneet Dhillon,