Creative Arts in Medicine - Middletown

To create a community for members of the TouroCOM family to share their artistic interests with others, and explore how involvement in creative arts can benefit the mind, body, and spirit. Creative arts includes, but is not limited to: dance, painting, music, poetry, acting, etcetera.

Engaging in creative activities can help both students and patients clear their minds from daily stressors. As students, we are constantly consumed with new information and we must engage in other activities to re-focus. Patients benefit from art, dance and music therapy, as the main focus is to enhance mental and emotional well-being, which is important for anyone during recovery or living with a terminal illness. 

Executive Board

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Cammarata 
Co-Advisor: Dr. Rachel Connington
President: Mahvish Haider
Vice President: Lamisa Quaim
Secretary: Urvi Patel
Treasurer: Farhan Azad