American Medical Association (AMA) Medical Student Section - Harlem, Middletown

As the medical profession's authority in professional standards, ethics, and health care policy, the strength of the AMA comes from its hundreds of thousands of physician and medical student members. Participation is critical to the collective voice of our membership.‌

Why Join? As an advocate for medical students, the AMA advocates on behalf of medical students on such issues as student debt, health care access, clinical skills assessment exam, resident work conditions, and funding Graduate Medical Education. However, the AMA also plays a bigger role in the grand scheme of thing - it is the only organization that will remain our advocate throughout our career.

Executive Board
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sushama
President: Jeffy Jacob,
Vice President: Monique Sarquis,
Treasurer: Victoria Tiedermann,
Secretary: Antonino Altadonna,
National Liaison: Megan Winters,