Student Represented TouroCOM - Harlem Committees

Admissions Committee:
Chair: Dr. Stacey Fanning
Student Representatives: Khanh Truong, Danielle Marsh

Alumni Committee:
Chair: Dr. Bernard Lanter
Student Representative: Ilyse Blazar

Biosafety Committee:
Chair: Dr. Piotr Kozlowski
Student Representative: Ben Nguyen

Community Service Committee:
Chairs: Dr. Tipsuda Bahri  
Student Representatives: Stephanie Morales, Bath-sheva Sholomson, Ben Nguyen

Curriculum Committee:
Chair: Dr. Luis Vidal
Student Representatives: Ilyse Blazar, Patrick O'Toole

Facilities Committee:
Chair: Dr. Sushama Rich
Director of Maintenance: Cesare Lucido
Student Representatives: Patrick O'Toole, Sercan Ture

Facilities Committee meets monthly to review a) overall facilities concerns, b) the management of, and c) responses to, all reported facilities issues at the COM. 

Students are encouraged to email Director of Maintenance and carbon copy (CC) SGA Liaisons when reporting facilities issues on campus.

Graduation Committee:
Chair: Dr. Nadege Dady
Student Representatives: Stephanie Morales, Ilyse Blazar

Grand Rounds Committee:
Chair: Dr. Todd Levi
Student Representative: Arielle Kanner

Informational Technology (IT) Committee:
Chair: Dr. Christine Lomiguen
Student Representative: Riyashat Kazmi, Alexander Kim, and Tobin Thuma

Library Committee:
Chair: Dr. Esquire Anthony
Student Representatives: Stephanie Morales, Ilyse Blazar

Research Committee:
Chair: Dr. Piotr Kozlowski
Student Representatives: Sercan Ture, Daniela Ben Neriah

Wellness Program:
Student Representatives: Molly Wilner, Daniela Ben Neriah, Ali Dourra

Student Represented TouroCOM-Middletown Committees

Admissions Committee:
Chair: Dr. Tamie Proscia-Lieto

Student representatives: Johnson Zhang, Erawadi Singh

Biosafety Committee:
Chair: Dr. Nilak Shah

Student Representative: 

Community Service Committee:
Chair: Dr. Martin Torrents
Student Representatives: Sara Levy, Bianca Zapanta, Jonathan Lee, Dhaatri Kuchipudi, Min Woo, Austin Madnick, Satin Zarkar 

Curriculum Committee:
Chair: Dr. Stephen Moorman
Student Representatives: 3rd yr students: Brendan Blagbrough, Jackie Lee; 2nd yr students: Richard Contrata, Kelly Ng; 1st yr students: Sara Abdelhalim, Christopher Riviello 

Facilities Committee:

Chair: Dr. Joyce Brown
Facilities Manager: Robert Dickman

Student Representatives: Daniel Lee, Bianca Zapanta 

Information Technology Committee:
Chair: Dr. Joyce Brown
Director of IT: Christian Janssen
Student Representatives: Noah Pirozzi, Justine Misholy

Research Committee:
Chair: Dr. David Yens

Student Representative: Sean Orton