Welcome Wishes to the TouroCOM Class of 2020

The recent class of 2016 Harlem graduates share some tips and advice to the new members of TouroCOM’s Class of 2020.

July 27, 2016

When you have limited hours to study, make sure you’re spending those hours completely and efficiently. Balance work, play and extracurriculars. Emotional health is the foundation for academics! Find a mentor who understands what you want to specialize in. To help prepare for exams, participate in group study sessions. Get involved in student organizations, medical societies and research studies to help expand your involvement in medicine and round out your resume. Participate in OMM enhancement sessions. Try to do your best on the USMLE Step 1, which can be the gateway to your top specialities. Take advantage of international missions organized by TouroCOM to travel around the world to practice medicine to underserved communities. And lastly, when you’re in need of support during this initial transition period, reach out not only to professors, but to your peers.

Before leaving the halls of TouroCOM for internships and residencies across the country, the graduating physicians of 2016 took the time to offer the incoming class some words of wisdom and share some of what they learned on their journey through medical school. Welcome to TouroCOM, future D.O.s!