“A Platform to Love People”

TouroCOM Middletown Student Oddie Moghalu Puts TouroCOM’s Mission into Action

August 08, 2017

Moghalu said that TouroCOM’s mission spoke to her.

“Touro wants us to be people who are very aware of advocacy,” said Moghalu. “Not just doctors in our communities, but advocating for people who can’t advocate for themselves.”

Since joining the TouroCOM family, Moghalu has already put the mission into action. In 2015, she spent three weeks offering free medical screenings to underserved residents in North Philadelphia. Moghalu said that the experience had an impact on her.

“I’ve never experienced such poverty,” said Moghalu. “In a ten-minute car ride, we were able to travel from a first-world country to a third-world country. You don’t need to travel abroad to serve the underserved. They’re right here, down the block.”