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Scrubs for Cubs at PS 197

May 29, 2012

As part of their Scrubs for Cubs program, The Pediatrics Club headed by Jackie Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Piatt, Niva Shah, Raza Ashraf and faculty advisor Dr. Sushama Rich, organized an amazing day for PS 197 on May 21. The kids got to spend some time in the anatomy lab learning about the human brain and other parts of the body. It was a great experience to get a local school really interested in science and it was a perfect way to reach out to the future of medicine! They were a really great group of kids!

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Preaching and practicing at the Bike and Run

May 13, 2012

Nineteen TouroCOM students participated in the “Miles for Healthier Lifestyles” Bike and Run Relay sponsored by the AMA. The purpose of the race was to enable students to practice what they preach, and go out and demonstrate the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle.

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Be Healthy, Mom

May 11, 2012

TouroCOM Professor of Pathology Dr. Tipsuda Bahri, and several students participated in a health fair sponsored by Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership & Central Harlem Healthy Start. Students distributed informative pamphlets on how new mothers and other members of the community can maintain a healthy life. 

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Dr. Levine Thinks Osteopathically

May 03, 2012

Dr. Martin S. Levine, DO, associate dean for educational development at TouroCom took a sabbatical this year to serve as president of the AOA (American Osteopathic Association). He returned home, to TouroCom, to speak with students on “Thinking Osteopathically”.

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An International Flavor

May 01, 2012

Touro’s Colleges of Pharmacy and Osteopathic Medicine always have a multi-cultural flare. But yesterday, you could really see it, even taste it.SNPhA (Student National Pharmaceutical Association) and SHA (Student Health Alliance) collaborated to host International Day at the College of Pharmacy and College of Osteopathic Medicine. Raising funds for their respective organizations the event also helps to promote cultural awareness. And who doesn’t like to taste new dishes from around the world and see a fashion show of native wear (or dress up in your native country’s dress)

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Pharm-Assist vs. Swishin’ Physician

April 29, 2012

On Sunday April 29 the first annual “Battle of Supremacy” Basketball game went down between Touro College of Pharmacy and Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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Holistic Harlem

April 28, 2012

Several TouroCOM professors and students attended Harlem’s first ever Holistic Health Day. Drs. Delbridge and Weston, Ms. Beauplan and Ms. Sommerville, were in attendance.

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Here’s to a Healthy Spring!

April 22, 2012

On April 20th TouroCOM hosted its Spring Health Fair. Residents of Harlem and beyond came for a free-of-charge blood pressure, HIV and diabetes testing. The event was well received, and approximately 150 people attended. 

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Mission to Mbaise

April 20, 2012

During the beginning of April I had the opportunity to travel to Nigeria with my mother to go visit family members.

by: Chukwuma Pius-Nwagwu, P4

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Hearts of Gold

April 19, 2012

TouroCOM students volunteer their time to assist in the “Harlem Heart Healthy Workshop Series”. 

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