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As the Class of 2013 were heading out from the halls of TouroCOM and heading to the halls of the hospitals where they would be interning, they took a few minutes to leave the Class of 2017 with some of the things they learned during their time at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine (TouroCOM). Welcome Class of 2017!
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Before leaving the halls of TouroCOM and the streets of Harlem for internships and residencies across the country, the graduating doctors of 2014 sat down to offer the incoming class some words of wisdom and share some of what they\'ve learned on their journey through med school.
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Get involved in organizations, and create a social support group. Be aware of timelines, and reach out to professors, advisors, and contacts at your preferred clinical rotations. Come in with an open mind, and don\'t be afraid to pursue a different medical route than you initially expected. Put in that extra effort and work hard, but also take breaks. And always remember: This is an incredible honor.