‘She’ll make a difference’

June 29, 2016

Jean Shiraki says growing up on Kauai inspired her to become a doctor.

“On Kauai, people come together and help each other,” she said. “That idea of a close, tight-knit community is embodied in a physician.”

Shiraki, who attended Island School from kindergarten to eighth grade, traveled to New York City to fulfill her dream of being a doctor.

She graduated June 12 from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. But her medical aspirations reach further than an examination room.

Shiraki hopes to make a difference in people’s lives by effecting change on the legislative level by crafting policy that would have a positive impact on the people who are often overlooked because they cannot afford treatment.

“Policy is my way of reaching out to the community,” she said. “There’s a bigger picture of the medical world, and bigger issues than learning anatomy.”

Source: The Garden Island